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The Allen Road Missionary Church in obedience to Jesus Christ our Lord, is committed to gathering the harvest, growing disciples and glorifying GOD.
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Maybe you have never been asked about your "eternal home".  To you, this question may even seem a little irrelevant, unimportant, or too personal.  After all, how can a person truly know where he will spend eternity?

God's Word, the Bible, answers this question and many others in a way that really makes sense.  The Bible is the road map for our church, and it constantly provides us with the answers to some really tough questions.

The truth is, you may never be asked again about your eternal home, so why not take a moment now to ponder this question.

Who Jesus is and what He has done mean more than anything else!  God's love for you and His desire to come into your life are the greatest gifts ever!

Believe in Him. Trust in Him.  Follow Him.  
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